Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Build-up: Little Things (and love letters to life)

Love Letters to LIFE!

In line with the "LOVE" theme of this week's holiday, Valentine's Day, I am inviting everyone to stop by my office (RB 316) and leave a little note - a love letter to life - on the poster. I am going to see how many little love notes we can collect in the next couple of days!

And if you are too far away to come in person, please either leave a comment below or leave your note on 
My purpose is to encourage everyone to think about 
the little things in life that make us smile, 
the things that make us appreciate life, 
the things that make us happy to be alive! 
(Level 6 students, do you recognize the triplet there??)

And speaking of the Little Things in Life, I think this love song is a pleasant reminder that all those little things that seem insignificant and even kinda "yucky" are the things that make us who we are and the things that endear us to one another and to life. 

Enjoy The Little Things!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day build-up: A Favorite Love Song: Big Blue Frog

I'm in Love with a Big Blue Frog!

This was one of my favorite songs as a child. My best friend, Lori, and I would sing at the top of our lungs and giggle through all the lyrics. It not only brings back good memories, I have always thought it represents a true summary of this mystical and magical thing we call "LOVE". Why? Well, because truly, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" if you are in love with a BIG BLUE FROG!

The song first became famous with the 1960's pop group, Peter, Paul, and Mary

Then it was revised with the Muppets

Both versions are fun.
Check them out and follow along with the lyrics below.

I'm in love with a big blue frog,
A big blue frog loves me.
It's not as bad as it appears
He wears glasses and he's six foot three.

Well I'm not worried about our kids,
I know they'll turn out neat.
They'll be great lookin' 'cause they'll have my face,
great swimmers 'cause they'll have his feet! 

Well I'm in love with a big blue frog,
A big blue frog loves me.
He's not as bad as he appears,
He's got rhythm and a PhD. 

Well I know we can make things work
He's got good fam'ly sense.
His mother was a frog from Philadelphia
His daddy an enchanted prince. 

The neighbors are against it and it's clear to me
And it's prob'ly clear to you
They think value on their property will go right down
If the family next door is blue. 

Well I'm in love with a big blue frog
A big blue frog loves me
I've got it tattooed on my chest
It says P.H.R.O.G. (It's frog to me!)

Note: This week I will be posting something every day that leads up to Valentine's Day. Keep checking back!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

First Thursday Event - TODAY

Every month, on the first Thursday, there is an arts event in Downtown Muncie. The art galleries and many of the shops stay open until 8 pm and feature special exhibits, menus, sales, and other events. It is open to the public and free to attend. It is a great way to relax and enjoy a bit of Muncie life.

Below is information about this month's event.

Note: This information is taken from today's StarPress - Muncie's local newspaper. The featured artist at Rose Court for February is Jerry Dreesen. Dreesen is a self-taught artist who loves to challenge himself in a variety of mediums and styles including acrylic, watercolor, pastel and linocut printing.

Prints, paintings and photographs are just some of the things you’ll find at today’s First Thursday event downtown. The event is set for 5-8 p.m. at the galleries and shops along Walnut and Main streets.


» Rose Court: The featured artist for February is Jerry Dreesen. Dreesen is a painter/poet. He writes and publishes haiku and other short form Japanese poetry online and in paper journals. This self-taught artist loves to challenge himself in a variety of mediums and styles including acrylic, watercolor, pastel and linocut printing.

» Gordy Fine Art & Framing: Gordy’s will present the works from husband and wife duo and Ball State University professors, David and Sarojini Johnson, as well as their students, Terre Keck and Brandon Beeson.

The four artists will present works made using either the intaglio or relief process, typically used to create multiple copies of a “plate” that has been altered, via chemicals or gouging tools. In either case, ink is applied to the prepared plate, paper is laid on the inked surface, pressure applied, and the paper — now carrying an image — is pulled away to dry. Printmaking is a demanding art, as each color represents either a different plate, or the original plate, re-altered. Either way, a challenging series of steps stands between the artist and the final works of art.

On the other side of the gallery space, Amelia Morris will kick off Gordy’s “Small Exhibit Series” with, “An Honest Assessment: Recent Efforts from Amelia Morris.” Her images make up a photo diary of her days, post college.

» The Artist Within: Featured this month will be "Each Face is Unique,” the photography of Rachel Rector. This young artist bought her first camera when she was a freshman in high school and started shooting immediately. Rector readily admits that the most exciting experience she has had behind the lens came from the hundreds of photographs she took while on a mission trip in Haiti. Many of her photos are part of this exhibit.

» Gallery 308: Kim and Scott Anderson will be the featured artists this month. Both artists are professors at Ball State University in the Department of Art and exhibit their work professionally in galleries, museums and national and regional juried exhibitions. Kim’s exhibit, “Rock Paper Scissors,” will show her work in ceramics, porcelain and her new line of textiles featuring custom handbags, purses, backpacks and ladies accessories. Scott’s exhibit, “Envisions,” showcases his paintings.