Thursday, January 17, 2013

Game ON! January 19th

Ball State Women's Basketball 
against Kent State 
this Saturday, January 19th 

Saturday's game is being promoted as an "International" event and we want to show our international diversity by having as many international students in attendance as possible.

 The coaches have offered to meet with IEI and other international students at 11:30 - just before the game - to talk about basketball rules and game strategies and to answer any questions you might have. 

                       There is a good chance you 
                       can even use that as 
                       one of your listening logs!! 


This is an awesome opportunity! 
I hope you will come out to experience Indiana Basketball 
(also known as) 

You will even get a gift: 
Each international student will receive a t-shirt and a poster. 

And wait - there's even more!!!
 After the game, the players will visit where the students are sitting to say hello and sign autographs. 
How cool is that???

And one more thing: one of our very own IEI students is the 
STAR PLAYER! Natalie Fontain
 So come out and support Natalie 
show your Ball State school spirit 
and get a real-life taste of Hoosier Hysteria!

NOTE: Please contact the IEI office if you plan to go because the Athletic Department would like to have some idea how many international students to expect. 

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