Thursday, March 14, 2013

March, 2013

I apologize for the recent absence.... end of session, spring break, new session,...

Anyway, it's March now and the fun-see blogger is back!

March is the GREEN month. 

Green because, here in Indiana, we are so anxious for spring to come that we dream in green hoping that will bring spring to us a little bit faster.

The other reason for green this season is one of my favorite holidays - St. PATRICK's DAY!

St. Patrick was an Irish saint who lived over 1500 years ago. He is known as the saint who brought Christianity to Ireland.

Originally it was a religious holiday, but these days, St. Patrick's Day is the time when Americans celebrate the Irish heritage. It has become so much fun over the years that everyone likes to claim Irish blood, even if they don't have any in their family at all.

Here's the thing - America is often referred to as "the melting pot", meaning that we come from all over the world and most of us have a variety of histories to claim as our own. On the one hand, this is kind of cool because we can feel connected to many different cultures. On the other hand, the truth is that most of us do not know very much about our family history and we really don't know who we are. This is sad, don't you think? So I suggest we look on the bright side - One benefit to the American Mixture is that in theory, we can be anyone we want to be!

And that is just what Americans do on St. Patrick's Day. With slogans like "Kiss me, I'm Irish!" and "Irish for a Day", this holiday has become one for everyone. You don't have to be Irish; you don't have to be Christian; you don't have to be anything at all, except just wear GREEN! That's right - green represents the beautiful rolling green hills of the Irish country-side.

 It represents the 4-leafed clover that symbolizes St. Patrick's Day 

And it represents the SPRING that will surly follow St. Patrick's Day!

There are all kinds of things that we do to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Mostly, people like to wear green and change all sorts of things to green on this one day. You will see green food and green drinks, people wearing green hats and green shoes. You might even see the White River turned GREEN!

I will post a list of activities happening this weekend around Muncie on tomorrow's post.
Check back soon!

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