Sunday, March 24, 2013

March Madness!!

 In Indiana, the term
"March Madness"
refers to basketball.
But this year, the term has an additional meaning:
the weather!

We have a saying:
March either comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion, 
or it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.

We say this because March is the month of transition from winter to spring. 
And in this time of transition, the weather can be unpredictable. So many times, the month of March may start out with lots of wind and fluctuations in temperatures.  We say this is like a lion.

In these cases the end of the month usually turns to gentler weather with warm days, more sunshine, the arrival of the first spring flowers, etc. So this is like a lamb.

Other years however, the month of March might start out with warm days with gentle breezes (like a lamb) and end with tornado-like storms (like a lion).

But this year, the weather is even crazier than usual. It seems like one day is lamb-like and the very next day it could be lion-like. It is maddening – so lots of people have been playing with the phrase “March Madness” this year to refer to the weather.

OK - so now let's change the subject and move on to the

So now let me tell you a bit about March Madness as it refers to basketball. March Madness is the crazy way that Americans enjoy the end of the basketball season as the NCAA (National Collegiate
Athletic Association) goes into tournament time.

Indiana University is Indiana's biggest pick year after year for this tournament prize and this year is no different. IU is currently still in the running and, in fact, if you want to see some great basketball action, tune into CBS (channel 8) this afternoon at 2:45 to see IU play!!


So what the heck - today is a LION day - record snows coming in all afternoon and into tomorrow morning, so why not get into the whole MARCH MADNESS craze here in Indiana and give in to both the weather and the basketball hysteria!

Have a great day, everyone!

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